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Main Courses

Our Variety of Nachos
Traditional Nachos*
A platter of fried corn chips smothered in salsa mexicana & melted cheese, topped with a cool sour cream. €6.00

Nachos Enfrijolados*
The traditional nachos with refried beans. €6.50

Nachos Chilaquiles Style
The traditional nachos with strips of chicken fillet, deliciously topped with fresh onion. €6.50

 Dynamite Nachos
Corn chips, Jalapenos, melted cheese and sour cream. Only for experienced diners. €6.00

Traditional Dishes (antojitos)

Enchiladas (algo asi como flautas)
A soft wheat flour tortilla rolled with the filling of your choice, covered with ‘salsa mexicana’ and melted mozarella and cheddar cheese. €15

Tacos (tostadas dobladas por la mitad)
The filling of your choice inside two crisp folded corn tortillas. €15

Chimichangas (quesadillas fritas)
A deep fried tortilla parcel encasing cheese, refried beans and a filling of your choice. €15.00

SaladsTotopo Salad (warm chicken salad) 
Goujons of chicken fillet mildly spiced on a bed of mixed leaves. Served with guacamole, olives, tomato, onion and corn chips, tossed in a lime and lemon vinaigrette.  €13.50

Chilli Beef Salad   
Salad of mixed leaves, onion, sliced pepper and tomato, topped with strips of beef fillet, guacamole, rustic potatos and olives. €13.50

Seafood Dishes (pescados y mariscos)
(traditional by the Gulf of Mexico.)
Fillet of the Fish of the Day cooked in tomato, olives, capers and mild peppers. Served with rice and salad garnish. €15

King Prawns (camarones)
Choose one of our marinades and we will serve them with guacamole, refried beans, rice, salad and warm wheat tortilla. €19.00
Mojo de Ajo = Garlic Marinade.
Veracruz = tomato, olives, capers and mild peppers.

Beef Pork and Chicken
(res puerco y pollo)
Fajitas (fa-hee-tas)
Strips of chicken fillet or prime beef in a traditional mexican marinade fried and served